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I had published excerpts from this book a year earlier on WordPress using my pseudonym, MysticNote.

The book is now available on Amazon as: The Alchemy Of The Soul

“I feel that I was partly responsible for my father’s death.

Believing spiritual alchemical processes will help rid me of my baseness of nature, I went in search of an immortal Master alchemist who lived near the Taj Mahal 150 years ago. And I found him.

Following the Master’s teachings, I too have become an immortal and want to leave the knowledge of this path for the rest of humanity.”


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The Alchemy Of The Soul

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The Master says:

What is love? Is it not something eternal and ephemeral, at the same time?

Love has two sources. Sometimes it comes from the mind. Being uncertain is its very nature. Being fickle is its very form. It flutters and flies like a butterfly. It is inconstant, and generally short-lived.

But sometimes, only rarely, it comes from the soul. Its form is unconditioned, and pure. It is in the eyes of the beholder, not in any attribute of the beloved.

This love is constant and un-flickering, like a sheltered flame. It glows from within, and from its radiance casts a light of beauty on its objects.

This love elevates its object to the status of divinity, and makes the lover himself divine. It is an attitude, not a thought, or a feeling.

Love all beings with this attitude, no matter how hard it seems in the beginning. As we enter this new age, spread the message of divinity on earth.

The Master says:

Time is relative to the amount of love derived from it.

The more love you derive from it, the shorter the span seems. The lesser the love you derive from it, the more it extends into eternity.

If you could experience absolute love, time would come to a standstill and vanish.

But if you experience hatred, those moments will stretch away into eternity.

Time is an illusion, binding us to this world of maya. Break its shackles, and you acquire the citizenship of the universe.

This is the lesson that we have come to Earth school, to learn. The other is only I in disguise. The same blood courses through the veins of every being.

Know: Love dissolves all barriers-even time.

The Alchemy Of the Soul is now available in the Indian edition.

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There is only one energy in the universe. And that is Love.

Infinite possibilities exist for you in every moment.

Love is the catalyst that collapses the wave into the particle.

Love. And be Love, if you wish to manifest your desires into reality. Love is the gravitational binding force. It will fetch you your desires, from across the endless realms of space-time.

Every hole you dig for another, you dig for yourself.

Give up all forms of negativity, jealousy, greed, and hatred. They will only hinder you on your path.

The universe is overflowing with abundance. Light, beauty, truth, all originate in Love.

Go to the source.

Take the royal road that leads to mastery of your own destiny.

Taste the Onetaste that circumscribes the universe.

Love All there is.

The Master says:

Do not be afraid. Take away your defensive fences, and boldly, publicly admit your weaknesses and faults to others.

Spread the knowledge of your waywardness in the world, rather than hiding it in the closet. And do not be afraid of the repercussions, because in the end you will be strengthened.

You will be derided, laughed at, and scorned. But steel yourself and have no concern for such opinions. Rather, engage yourself in cultivating your own self.

And slowly, you will see a new respect emerge in people’s eyes. An awe for the inner strength you must command, to be able to bring the skeletons out of your closet, unashamed.

And one day you will receive the ultimate tribute, a shamefaced confession of a similar human failing, from the very ones who had laughed at your naivety.  For, as humans, we are all the progeny of the collective human mind, and are all subject to similar lapses.

Hiding the malady, or hiding behind a mask, only exacerbates the problem. Being open and forthright is the only cure for our psyche’s ills.

The Master says:

Forgiveness is one of the most important of lessons we can learn.

Life is giving and forgiving. And in our heart of hearts, we are all givers, it is only the rare cold-hearted person who scorns life, and affronts all. It is in our instincts to despise such an attitude in others.

But what we do not condone in others, we ourselves do in our thoughtless moments. Therefore, it is very important to be constantly mindful of our thinking. Many thoughts lurk there, and slink past, which we would never allow in our more rational moments.

And, a direct alignment of thought, speech, and deed is the mark of a human being. The universal scale on which they shall be measured, and receive their just dues. For, in reality, although there is no judgment, or punishment, or reward, it is we ourselves who will pluck our own fruits.

Therefore forgive, for you know not what you yourself feel half of the time.

If everybody learns forgiveness, we shall all be saved from the fruits of what we all think, and speak, and do, in our unwary moments.

Forgive, so that you may be forgiven too, and that you may not need to treat yourself too harshly.

Forgive others, indeed, that you may forgive yourself.


I heard a soft rustling, which was just an octave below the background tourist noise.

The pale moonlight reflected off the contours of the Taj Mahal in the distance, and I felt too mesmerized to look around. Also, I was tired of life, and did not care if the sound were that of a cobra’s movements.

The Taj seems to have come straight out of a fairy tale. There is something about the monument that has been noticed by millions of visitors who have seen it over the centuries. It is too pure to really be here on Earth, surrounded by all the sordidness and squalor prevalent in the world around it.

And it is precisely this purity, and its ethereal beauty, that has the miraculous effect of lifting you out of the depression and drudgery of daily life, into a vast elevated space where love, truth, beauty, and magic have a tangible meaning.

I was very sad because I had lost my father the previous month. Although we had had a very strained relationship, his death had completely shattered me.

I had really loved him from my inner core; and though from the outside I had constantly warred against his dominance, it had really only been an exterior rejection. But, he had passed away, after his fight with cancer, and I had not been able to communicate my true feelings to him.

I had also discovered some partly-finished letters written by him in the final stages of his battle with death, in which he had written that he loved me, and that I was a Sun for him, not just a son.  My cup of grief brimmed over and overflowed.

I hated myself from my guts for all that I had said to him; but there is no second chance in life, and I got none.

I had lost all desire to live and became listless and tired of life.

I did not even notice the man sitting on the bench beside me, as I got up and walked away. Later, as I lay tossing and turning under the strange blankets of the guest house that night, I recalled hearing the faint rustling sounds. And along with them came the sense of a presence looking deep into me as I had sat there on the bench–as if searching my soul for something.

But then I was almost asleep, and it was late. And even as I grasped for meaning, the clouds of sleep gathered around me and spun their gossamer magic over my thoughts.

I slept and had forgotten all about it by the next morning.